Our Mission

  • Rigbot’s mission is to help fleets make better choices using data.
  • Our data acquisition and analytics platform provides small and medium business fleets an operational edge over much larger fleets and is guaranteed to help reduce equipment downtime and improve driver driving practices. Net result: Improved profits and reduced driver turnover.
  • Our people are focused on delivering the best experience to our customers every day, across every fleet for every load.

How are we different?

  1. We differentiate on customer support and responsiveness to customer requests.
  2. Our product is modular and well integrated.
  3. We provide actionable insights with your data.
  4. We promise clear pricing to fit fleet needs.
  5. We believe that E-log compliance can build a competitive advantage for your fleet.
  6. Our product suite is built by trucking industry veterans for trucking fleets and drivers like you.